Meet The Team

Skye Kirne

Skye has been in the travel business for over 16 years and has specialised in individual and family holidays, luxury events, conferences/meetings, sporting and leisure groups and corporate business.

Skye had 11 years working as an employee when an epiphany occurred and decided it was time to take the leap and create her own brand known as “Skye Travel”.  As a teenager Skye was travelling across Australia and then the world – nothing has changed since.  Skye is very passionate about travel and loves experiencing all the world has to offer.

Skye’s home-based travel agency has given her amazing flexibility and enabled her to work remotely from around the globe. As Skye says “Trialling various destinations is research for my clients! Someone needs to sample the cocktail list of the tougher destinations such as Maldives and to experience the depth and warmth of diving in Philippines and Fiji”.

Skye is a very experienced traveller, compassionate and understanding. In her personal travel there have been trains missed, flights cancelled, earthquakes, lost baggage, broken bones, intensive care units visited and many other travelling experiences. All giving her additional ability to understand any of your travel “issues”.

Skye’s passions extend out from travel, Skye has very strong ties to her local community and her business is a proud sponsor of South Melbourne Districts Jnr Football Club, Essendon Districts Football League & Port Melbourne Bowls Club. Then when time permits you will find Skye down at the Albert Park Angling Club as she is an active member and a leader for Women in Recreational Fishing with VFA.

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